Location: Phuket, Thailand

We’re reaching a time we tried not to think about
Where we say goodbye to our seaward route
But let’s not forget our memories made
Our ropes entwined and slightly frayed

From the moment of waking
This day has been ours for the taking
A goal of second in our last race
Was accomplished with our steady pace

We couldn’t have done this all on our own
To our little Thai friends, Argo was shown
A morning of sharing under the sun
We taught some young sailors how it is done

Racing together through a language barrier
We all had a laugh and our day was made merrier
Running about with double the crew
We still managed to wave at Sunshine too

We said goodbye to our buddies around noon
And started to get ready for a celebration under the moon
A little swim and then to shore
The day still held so much more in store

A final ceremony for his Majesty the King
Where we graciously accepted some bling
Our victory of second, number two out of two
Was celebrated at the Kings representatives cue

An after-party followed with good food and drink
Smartly dressed, pride in Argo was our link
Some dancing and mingling with all the other racers
Was followed by a wait for the dinghies while watching fire dancers

Back on board and time for bed
One more game of cards to laugh until we turn red
Our roles on the boat were pixelated
As Jim joined in on the fun unrated

One more day has come and gone
As we lay in our bunks in the shadow of a new dawn
Only a few more nights of Argo rocking us to sleep
Let us rest now but start tomorrow with a leap

Annie Sisson

Today we had 15 of the young Thai sailors participating in the Laser and Optimis races in the King’s Cup join us on Argo. Argo crew adopted a young sailor for the day, and we all sailed the final race together. Although they are great sailors on small boats, they had never had the opportunity to sail on a large vessel like Argo, and so it was fun to have them on board, as they were very excited especially when they got to take the helm under the guidance of their coach and Jim. We had a great time with them on board as well, and it made our last race day extra special.