Location: Phuket, Thailand

Today we woke up still reminiscing about the beautiful plate (our overall award), many trophies, and individual medals we all came home with last night. After saying goodbye to Jim and Careen, we moved from Kata Beach back to Chalong Bay for a free day onshore. While Tor and I spent our day provisioning, others spent their free day visiting the Big Buddha, wakeboarding and wakeskating at a local park, dancing to Shakira, and buying their White Elephant gifts for the upcoming exchange. Once everyone got back on board, we exchanged stories from the day of Kevin’s epic wipe-out, Sean and Sam’s delicious lunch, and the two different grocery stores we had to go to in order to get the fresh produce needed to keep Argo healthy. We worked on passage prep until dinner and finished the last-minute preparations as we hauled up the anchor. After dinner, we all sat our last OCB exam, which marks the end of our exam week. Watch team three is currently on deck, keeping us safe as all of the procrastinators work on their SLD journals and diving knowledge reviews.

We are looking forward to diving in the Similans for the next couple of days and enjoying each other’s company as the trip comes to an end.