Location: Underway to Cairns, Australia

Today the day started with a well-deserved boatmeal after watch team 2 finished a cold 4 to 8 watch. The sun came out as watch team 3 took over for the 8 to 12 watch, which personally was my favorite watch so far. Everyone was extremely excited because today was our final day of passage. Today was also an important day for the DMTs, Henry, Cat, and Lucy. The three of them took their divemasters final exam, and they all passed. After lunch, we had our final leadership class. Cat led the class discussion, and after that, we all shared how we all have grown as leaders and also talked about one thing we have learned from this experience. After Leadership, we also had our last marine bio class. It was super long, and by the end of it, everyone was exhausted. I took a much-needed 1-hour nap after class. Then we had a delicious dinner. Today’s squeeze question was: what is an uncomfortable moment you have been in. It was really funny hearing about everyone’s funny and uncomfortable moments. We are currently 65 nautical miles from Cairns, and we hope to get there tomorrow morning.

Pictured: Watch Team 3 before dinner on our final night underway; Kari, Shelby, and Tim in the cockpit; Emily sneakily spraying Raul with the “sleep prevention device” that Watch Team 1 invented for night watches.

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