Location: Underway to Cairns, Australia

Today started off well, with watch team three sitting the midnight to 0400 shift. Some seabirds decided to board the vessel, high in the rigging out of watch team three’s eyesight. Well, their presence was soon known when Shelby and Sam realized it was not rain that was splattering their foulies from on high. Thankfully, Amanda was there with a deck sponge to assist in the cleanup. Four short hours later, my watch team (watch team one) walked up on deck. No birds were to be found, and the cool morning air and bright stars made for a refreshing watch. Frank provided chips, Stephanie granola bars, and Rhea music, making the four hours very pleasant. Around 0600, the moon seemed to melt into the horizon and was followed by the sunrise around 0730. At this time, we took a picture commemorating our final sunrise watch (see below). Finally, we ended our morning watch with Frank and I scream-singing Whitney Houston at each other, followed by Get Low. This was quite the spectacle for the slowly emerging and very confused members of watch team two.

The chefs whipped up some breakfast for lunch, which we were all appreciative of. While boatmeal is a much-loved staple of passage life, the entire crew was excited about some eggs and potatoes. Following lunch, we had oceanography, where we took our fifth and final quiz and began reviewing for our upcoming exam. Amanda’s game did a really great job of revealing just how much we need to study. Then, we moved on to seamanship, or “map class,” which we’ve labeled it to Tim’s chagrin. This class was spent reviewing different skills as we tried to get our theoretical boats into the Chesapeake Bay.

After class, the crew had some downtime before dinner. There were no showers on deck today, as the chilly yet refreshing air is not conducive to positive deck showering experiences. The chefs made mac and cheese for dinner with green beans. Seconds and thirds were had as the crew huddled together in the cockpit, watching the magnificent sunset. Finally, it was time for the joke of the day (a new installment born from a leadership class exercise) and squeeze. Some would say my joke wasn’t strictly appropriate for dinner conversation, but it was pretty great. The squeeze question was, “what will you most remember about this passage?” Answers included catching the mahi-mahi, Frank’s and my morning concert, Amanda sponging bird poop off Shelby, the shower hose spewing all over the deck, DMTs getting certified tomorrow, and more. We are now entering into our last 36 hours of passage life, and the crew is settling in to watch rotations and studying for upcoming exams. Here’s to one more full day of sailing!

P.S. Love you, family, will see ya’ll in about 11 days! Happy early birthday, Anabelle.

Pictured: Watch Team 1 enjoying their last sunrise watch; Rhea at the helm; beautiful sunset during dinner.

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