Location: Underway to Cairns, Australia

We’ve been underway for six days now, and it’s gotten to the point where all the days start blending together and make time seem to crawl forward and go by in a flash simultaneously. Though the day started with quite a bit of cloud cover, by mid-morning, we were coming out from under it and back into the sun. The cool evenings and warm days have been a welcome part of this passage, and everyone has been soaking up the rays whenever possible. In the early hours of the morning, the wind picked up, so we’ve also been able to ease the sails out and actually do a bit of sailing! During our 0800 – 1200 watch this morning music could be heard in the cockpit and, though there was quite a bit of spray coming over the bow, Rhea, Frank, and Garrison could be seen having a blast jumping up and down with the waves. Soup has been another theme of our long passage, and for lunch, we were treated to pumpkin soup complete with bok choi, potatoes, and green onions. This afternoon was met with the second to last leadership and marine biology lectures; we’re trying to wrap up as much as possible before our arrival into Australia so we can take advantage of our time there. During on-deck showers at the end of the day, shouts and laughter followed a slight mishap of the shower hose coming free from its sail tie and spraying most of the forward deck. Dinner promptly came up at 1800, and everyone sat in the cockpit awaiting our first green flash of the semester (how did that happen?). It was beautiful but a bit anticlimactic for some (those expecting the whole sky to light up like in Pirates of the Caribbean). We told a joke (it was whaley good) and ended dinner with the squeeze question: if you had a mediocre boat superpower, what would it be? Answers ranged from never being seasick to having the heads pump themselves and avoiding bird poo dive bombs. Once we had gone all the way around, we finished with our rendition of the opening song to the Lion King (it was appropriate considering the amazing sunset we had just witnessed). Back into the watch rotation for the evening, everyone is excited to be approaching Australia and hoping for our arrival into Cairns in the next couple days!

Pictured: watch team one during our briefing, watch team 3 with Raul at the helm, and everyone awaiting the green flash at dinner.

Current position:
1807.05′ S
15308.04′ E