Location: Underway to Cairns, Australia

The day started off with a beautiful sunrise as watch teams continued to cycle through the night and into the morning. The usual breakfast of “boatmeal” was served (except for Garrison, who was excited to start his day off with a Crunch bar) while many students were awake working on research projects and fish identification books. Henry, Lucy, and I worked with Tim bright and early on the last chapter of our divemaster course. Come lunchtime, everyone was awake and enjoying a much-needed healthy meal of vegetables and falafel. The afternoon activities included our last oceanography lecture of the trip and a seamanship class. After classes, the crew took showers on deck because it was very calm and sunny out. Before dinner, many took some time to get more school work done. Walking up the companionway, we were all greeted by an incredible and vibrant sunset on the deck. Dinner was cooked by head chef Rhea and was a delicious soup. After sharing stories of our nicknames from home over dinner, the crew broke in to clean up and watch teams resume on watch. Henry, Lucy, and I continued going over dive theory with Tim while many stayed up late writing the results and discussions to research papers. After being on passage for a few days now, everyone has gotten into a good flow and woke up with a bit more energy than usual, which made the day very enjoyable, as well as the calm seas. We have been making very good progress to Australia and will continue into the night and tomorrow.

Shout out to my sister Kelly. Happy birthday, I wish I was able to call! 🙂

Pictured: Maddie at the helm; views of the beautiful evening sunset.

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