Location: Komodo

Hi everyone,
Today we woke up underway to our final stop in Komodo, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. There are tons of deer hopping around on the beach, and they’re so cute. We had an amazing breakfast of pancakes made by Romeo, Kara, and Margret before having our final marine bio quiz on the deep sea, polar climates, and conservation. Our first of three dives got all of us through our Advanced Diver Course!!! We did a short deep dive where there was nothing but beautiful teal water all around before hopping back in the dinghy and doing a reef dive. The coral was expansive, being continuous from 5 to 60 feet deep with lots of smaller fish. Our amazing chef team then made much-appreciated quesadillas and tomato soup for lunch. After that, we had two more dives where they saw a couple of sharks and a stingray. We did passage prep lead by our amazing new skipper, Dray, and it went off without a hitch. We had Margret’s famous pizza for dinner, and it was as impressive as always. I genuinely have no idea how she always gets it done on time. We had our final dive tank train after cleanup, and currently, everyone is doing a final push study for the nav master exam tomorrow.

I am melancholy about this being my final skipper day. I can’t wait to see my family and get a nice long night of sleep, but this experience has been life-changing. The people I have gotten to know over the last 69 days have taught me so much, and I believe they are all headed to great places in the future.

Sending my love to my mum, dad, Grandad, Myles, Nina, Tarn, Jasmine, and Bailey

Finally, signing off,