Location: West End, BVI

Though it was a lovely morning without a cloud in the sky, everyone slowly and reluctantly gathered on deck for their final breakfast aboard Ocean Star. We decided to do our last squeeze question this morning instead of the previous night, and it came to no surprise that it was “what are your last words for everyone aboard?”. Along with the answers to this question, everyone also shared their final thoughts and appreciations. Many hugs and a few teary eyes later, the first group was sent off in a taxi to catch their flights. Not long after was the next group taking a ferry to St. Thomas before flying out, and last but not least, our final student was picked up and taken to the airport for her flight. With all the student crew gone, Ocean Star seems a little too quiet. That being said, we wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to seeing what amazing adventures will come next. We’ll miss you!

-Ocean Star Staff (Steph, Ian, Carolyn, and Amy)