Location: West End, BVI

Today the crew woke up with the bittersweet knowledge of having to start the last day of this trip, and thus the last day of everybody living together on this beautiful sailing yacht. After waking up, especially early to get underway and be more efficient, with the goal of a boom swing in mind, we had a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and bagels.

Not only was today our last day together, but also the day of receiving our end-of-semester grades and group project evaluations. Hopefully, everything went according to everyone’s expectations, as a lot of effort went into every one of our projects. Another very happy announcement is that everyone passed their respective rescue exam, and everyone has reached the next higher level on the diving certification scale. After having completed course evaluations and getting our grades back, we started on our final boat appreciation giving Ocean Star, who has been our home for the past 40 days, the attention she actually deserves. Not only did we efficiently scrub the deck, polish everything, and clean down below, but we also had to pack our luggage, which also had quite a bittersweet note to it. On the one hand, many of us are excited to be able to sleep in proper beds with enough space to completely sprawl out, but on the other hand, this group of strangers with whom we started this trip has grown together to a tight community, and Ocean Star has become our second home.

We will certainly miss everything that has happened during this trip and return home with a whole set of new unforgettable memories, which are too special to be able to be proficiently described to other people.