Location: Peter Island, BVI

Today was the first day of finals, and the stress that had been building among the crew was finally put to rest. The day started out with a hardy American breakfast of eggs and sausage. Following that, the crew gave their group OCE presentations. They were all really great – we had a project on invertebrate and fish abundance on coral reefs, one on beaches and shoreline processes, one on phytoplankton and zooplankton abundance, and even one on the effect of wind and wave conditions on the angle to which Ocean Star heel’s over while underway. We all studied before lunch and had a nice break for spinach rolls and lentils with rice. Seeing as it was Drew’s birthday, he was surprised with a shark pastry for dessert. Following lunch, everyone waited anxiously for the arrival of the exams. Once we cranked out our final OCB exam, we had the rest of the day to study and relax. Dinner was stuffed with peppers and the obvious birthday cake. Signing off for my last blog. One final time has a good one.