Location: Peter Island, BVI

After a late-night out watching basketball (Duke sucks), we were thrilled to get our first ever 8 AM wake up this morning. After a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit and Sean’s banana bread, we turned in our Marine Biology Field ID Logs and took our Field ID exam, finishing up our OCB class for the semester. Once we completed our quizzes, we studied for our Oceanography final, which we took after lunch. This afternoon was filled with more studying, focused on final Leadership papers, and preparing for our Navigation Master exam tomorrow. Everyone worked together, helping each other to understand what was confusing and learning more in the process. A few of us dinghied over to the beach for an hour and enjoyed some time off the boat after a full day of finals and studying. Two finals down, two to go – by dinnertime tomorrow, we’ll be finished! Crazy to think that the program ends in just a few short days. Over and out one last time,