Location: Peter Island, BVI

The main thing on the agenda today was our Navigation Master exam – the culmination of the second half of MTE this semester and our final exam. We have spent the past month learning how to do everything from plot positions to determine the course to steer when taking into account the effects of tides and currents. We took the exams in shifts as we need a lot of space to do the chartwork, so when we weren’t taking the exam we spent the day studying or just relaxing up on deck, with the exception of Alaina and Carolyn who decided to do a hike around Peter Island. They reported that it was pretty hot but there were beautiful views and a guest appearance by an iguana! After everyone completed exams we went to the nearby restaurant to just relax off the boat (and maybe have some calamari), then were greeted back on the boat with dinner and some celebratory banana-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies.We are excited to be done with academics for the semester and are looking forward to a few days of just sailing, diving, and enjoying each others company before we leave!