Location: Mayreau, SVG

What’s goin on!! Today we raised anchor at sunrise after 40-knot winds the night before and a continental breakfast provided by our Captain Nick. Then we motored from Tobago Cays to a small island I’d never heard of called Mayreau. I gotta say that this is one of the coolest islands we anchored at. The water is super clear, with sandy beaches and calm bays with minimal boat traffic. We jumped right into Marine Bio with Steph, where we learned about jellyfish, sponges, and coral. Nick then briefed us for the exciting afternoon, where we all broke up into our watch teams and had a scavenger hunt around the island.

We had six clues using our skills learned in leadership and seamanship; each team got 30 min to start intervals and had to swim to and from OStar anchorage. I was on the real winning team, watch team 2. Our crew started off forgetting our map and some shoes, but we ended up beating every team to all the clues except for the one we missed. The first team ended up getting lost and going on a pretty cool adventure into the other part of the island, which sounded super fun but ended up making it back. The third watch team was the last to start and first to finish, so technically, they won. However, I would like to mention that Alexis and I had another mission, and that was to find ice cream. After talking to a lot of locals, we were just told to find Simon. Just a random dude on the island that apparently could get us ice cream. So since we had found all the clues already, we decided it would be a good idea to find Simon. We trekked up the hill, through neighborhoods, around some goats and chickens, asking everyone which way Simon was, and they all knew. We found Simon’s shop, and it was closed, but someone ended up grabbing him for us. Man, oh man, we got ice cream, snacks, juice, etc., and won the game in our minds. We went back down and sat on the pier, sipping our juice and eating our ice cream watching the sunset, and the other teams start swimming back to the boat. Then for dinner, we had spaghetti and sausage, which put everyone into a food coma. The stars are out, and Matadora is playing. Peace out!

Photo 1: Continental Breakfast by Nick
Photo 2-3: Mayreau views
Photo 4-7: Watch team 2’s challenge course adventures
Photo 8: Watch team 3 celebrating a speedy and successful challenge course
Photo 9: KT and Waring with a puppy
Photo 10: Aidan post ice cream joy
Photo 11: Adorable pup
Photo 12-14: Challenge course views
Photo 15: Watch team 1 mid-course
Photo 16: More challenging course views
Photo 17: Drone sunset shots
Photo 18: Sunset

-Skippa Sean