Location: Bequia, SVG

Today we woke up early to get underway from Mayreau to Bequia. We intended to try to bring the boat to full sail today. The wind in the morning was about 15-18 knots, and the weather was squally, making me concerned we wouldn’t be able to do it. We motored NE to try and get as best a wind angle as possible for the Fisherman Topsail, which I was hoping to set. We ate breakfast and began hoisting sail. The wind died down to about 10-12 knots which are perfect for setting full sail and the squally weather cleared to blue skies. We set the Main, then the Fore, Jib, FJ, and finally ran the Starboard running back and hoisted the Fisherman Topsail, and Ocean star was at full sail, sailing on a beam reach Starboard tack to Bequia averaging about 5.5 knots. It was our first time setting Ocean Star to full sail, and it was an incredible sight to see. Once we got into the lee of Bequia, we dropped one of our dinghies in the water to take all-around photos and videos. I believe this to be Ocean Star’s first full sail since Irma, and she looked incredible. Once we were close to the anchorage, we dropped sail and put it onto the anchor. While Heather had her first exam review period, Steph went ashore to provision and brought back Ice cream for everyone! We then put the boat to bed and ate dinner, so concluding another amazing day on Oceanstar!

Photo 1-7: Ostar at Full Sail
Photo 8: Icecream
Photo 9-11: More Full Sail