Location: Underway to Sorong, Indonesia

Greeting from Grace on this wonderful day. Welcome to my second skipper blog. Today started off great with late-night watches full of bioluminescence and a sky of stars. The best part was we had finally found our sea legs, and no one was seasick anymore. We are now really enjoying the peaceful rocking of the boat. Shoutout to watch team two for being absolute champions. We had a late-night dance party to keep our spirits high and our eyes awake. Emma was a bit delirious at this point in the night which was pretty funny. We had a really unexpected breakfast of (drumroll please)…oatmeal with lots of fun toppings, including Nutella, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and honey. People woke up at various hours in the morning, but we all gathered for lunch. Lunch was delicious–one of my favorites so far. We had barbecue chicken sandwiches, and the bread was heavenly. After lunch, we cleaned up, and then we got to our classes for the day. We had Oceanography and Leadership, which were a blast and a half. Thank you, Human and Tim, for sharing your wise words and knowledge with us.
After classes, we went ahead and took deck showers with the extremely powerful and salty hose. Deck showers are always entertaining and chaotic. We hung out and listened to some country music before dinner. For dinner, we had cream of broccoli soup with riceshoutout to Jack for being head chef today. We sat down and ate dinner while watching a spectacular sunset. Everyone was amazed at the beauty of it. I still can’t believe how cool it is to look out and see nothing but the ocean. We discussed what tattoos we would get and the stories behind them during the squeeze. The boat is filled with excitement and anticipation about crossing the equator tomorrow. We are going to lose a lot of people’s hair. We cleaned up and started night watchesoverall 10/10 day–no complaints.

Emma, Preston, Will, and Grace
Emma and Amelia on bow watch
Will and Grace