Location: Bora Bora

After a great breakfast of cereal, made lovingly by our Head Chef MT, we had our first Student Leadership Class. The newbies are getting settled in and we are finally a full crew. We then motored over to a nice shallow bay with millions of sea cucumbers scattered on the ocean floor. After lunch, the training advanced divers had their navigation dive. Only a few were lost, but luckily we could just stand up and find our way back to the boat. We then enjoyed some much needed nap time, or a few chose to do some “Argolates.” We’re working on our six pack stomachs and bicep guns. We had an amazing sunset dinner followed by an exciting MTE class, which made us all want to race some boats! Most of us are drained by the sun, but still have the energy to go on deck and look at the luminous full moon and stars. There is nothing like a Bora Bora night sky.