Location: Taimpoo Bay, Bora Bora

Today was a gorgeous day in French Polynesia. We woke up in our shallow anchorage surrounded by the clearest light blue-green water only to be met with a day of ocean-centered classes and diving in some of the most colorful reefs in the world. The afternoon was met with snorkeling, rock running, free diving and full sessions of Argo-laties and push-up circuits. It’s hard to write a complete Skipper’s log without talking about the food. It’s true that on a boat, crew morale revolves around the food. Today was no exception to the rule. Our personal professional Chef Dane-gerous whipped up some stellar meals. Even Boomer admitted to thinking he knew everything you could do with canned chicken until today. We had chicken cakes for lunch, fashioned around crab cakes with a cayenne aioli and blackened chicken breasts with fruit salsa for dinner. I’ve never seen so much marine life, rays and fish, and the colors that we’re seeing down here. We’re excited, learning and gelling as a crew.