Location: Koh Sak

This morning started off rainy and windy, much like the first few days we’ve been here. We started the morning with cereal and bananas and got the ship ready to travel to Koh Sak. New divers started their first dive and took their first breaths underwater. The experienced divers had dinghy training and explored the island. The afternoon was started with sun and warmer weather and the experienced divers had their first dive of the trip, while the new divers finished up their dive training. At around 4 a swell came in and we prepared the boat for the hard weather. However, it passed quickly and everything went smooth. The evening started with dinner: chicken pesto, mashed potatoes, garlic bread and salad. We had our First Aid and CPR training in the evening. So far us eight shipmates and five instructors are all getting along well and we’ll begin our first long sail in a few days.