Location: Nongsa Point, Indonesia

We spent our first full day in Indonesia today. It was an early day where a few of us woke up around 5:30 and watched the sunrise, but most stayed in until breakfast at 6. The majority of us had to complete our first pool dives in our mission to get our PADI certificates, so we spent the morning submerged in the pool being watched by the guests and the help as we were the first people ever to scuba dive in their pool. We tried to get the boat ready and fueled after lunch so we could make it out the channel for high tide at 2:34, but unfortunately the tanks were nearly empty and it took too long and we missed our chance by an hour or so. We spent a few hours of free time on the boat talking and waiting for the fuel to fill up, and I find it amazing that by day 5 on board Argo (even by day 2) it feels like we have known each other for months. Tonight we can all have one last real shower before we start our 500 mile journey to Borneo tomorrow morning at 5:30am, good luck to the group who has the first watch of our program.