Location: Antigua Classics Regatta

Early wake-ups today from a much-needed slumber beside the beautiful schooners Ashanti IV, Juno, and our sister boat Ocean Star, all three of which would be competing with us during our three-race classics week. Today was our first race, which meant we would put into practice what would become our quickest breakfast, cleanup, and passage-prep yet. With sails raised by 0900, we made our way out of Falmouth and ran through some of the maneuvers we would need to perfect in order to be a competitive boat. Our first race began an hour and a half later, side by side with the most breathtaking sailboats I have laid my eyes upon. Despite the distraction at hand, the crews performance was spectacular, and I was truly impressed by our ability to work efficiently as well as with our expedited tacks and gybes that previously moved at the speed of a glacier. It was evident that the professionals at Columbia and some of the other schooners in our class had the means to finish much sooner, but none of us let that take away from the incredible experiences we had today. Our jobs were not done as we crossed the finish line, but the exhausted crew pulled through sail drops and boat appreciation swiftly. We wrapped up the day with the sustenance we all needed and had the opportunity to spend more time with our companions on Ocean Star.