Location: Fitzroy Island, Australia

Today is Argo’s second day anchored off the shore of Fitzroy Island. We woke up this morning to the cool ocean breeze and the calm blue water and enjoyed our freshly baked banana bread. It was my first time baking banana bread for so many people, and I have to say it was quite a learning experience! We started the day off in our first Marine Biology lecture, where we learned about the deadliest creatures in Australia- surprisingly, sharks were pretty far down the list and posed less of a threat to us than a tiny blue octopus the size of my thumbnail. After biology, the rest of my day was focused on our open water certifications, and I finally got the chance to dive for the first time! Granted, this may have only been kneeling in four feet of water and going over skills like how to clear your mask of water, but I’m moving steadily towards night dives, deep diving, and cave diving. Now that I’ve learned how amazing it is to breathe underwater, I am even more impatient to get to the Great Barrier Reef! Other than diving, we also had some time to explore the island. I never thought it would feel so weird to stand on still, solid ground! A few groups went on a hike up to the highest point of the island to catch an amazing view. I spent my time lounging on the beach and enjoying the Australian sun- and I consider it quite an accomplishment that I still haven’t gotten a sunburn!