Location: Underway to the Azores

Today marked the day that was probably the most anticipated. Today we finally set sail on the open ocean. We started with getting everything set up for passage. This included closing the hatches, putting covers in the laz, and taking trash to land for one last time. After the trash was brought to shore, we were also allowed to go to shore one last time. Many of us shopped for essentials, got some good food, and were able to enjoy our last bit of WIFI for a while. Calling home to our parents, families, and other loved ones was a really special treat. Maya mentioned how nice it was to talk with her mom, and Carsen talked about how he was able to say bye to his entire family. I was also able to call my dad, which was a very special treat in which. I told him about the nurse shark that was seen swimming through the docks just moments before. After taking our final steps on land for a few weeks, we got back to the boat. We then tied up the last few loose ends and set sail to the open ocean. During our first hour on the water, Argo was able to reach up to 9.1 knots. We got drenched in some passing rain and retired many of the lines. Dinner made by Will, Alex, and Carsen was an amazing first meal on the water. While eating, we all watched as the final bits of land faded out of view.