Location: Nevis

As with every blissful day in the Caribbean, we started the day with a beautiful sunrise peaking out across the blue waters surrounding the island of Nevis. Our home is never without a beautiful view. Here in Nevis, we overlook white sandy beaches and “The Source,” the highest peak in Nevis, looming in the background (which we will hike in two days). With a sunny day ahead of us, we headed to shore to meet Barb, a local marine biologist. At Barb’s lab, we learned all about marine invertebrates and then visited her touch tanks to have a closer look at her collection of urchins, sea stars, conchs, corals, anemones, crabs, and sea cucumbers. It was a great hands-on opportunity to hold some fascinating creatures that we wouldn’t normally touch while diving. My particular favorite was the light-sensitive Brittle Star, which we typically see only during night dives. We all agreed that they felt like worms as they “walked” across our outstretched hands. After washing up, we enjoyed a picnic lunch on the beach. Then the shipmates headed to explore Charlestown, the capital of Nevis. We were all back on board in time for an afternoon dive and some swimming time in the refreshing, clear water. We enjoyed a spicy dinner of Buffalo chicken sandwiches while we laughed about last night’s karaoke renditions. The day ended with a marine biology class and some study time. We are all looking forward to exploring Nevis more tomorrow!