Location: Close to Nevis

Our long night of night watches and boat checks were close to being over when the sun rose around 6:30 a.m. as we were nearing Nevis. We could start to see Nevis in the distance and took the time to appreciate the beauty that the islands and ocean waters provide. There is nothing quite like watching the sunset over the ocean and rise the next day while sailing across the Caribbean waters. We continued to switch shifts every three hours to make sure things were orderly and in the right place. Most of the crew was still tired from being awake during the wee hours of the night, but it was rewarding to get to lie out on the deck and take naps while listening to the boat splash in the ocean as we continued our journey to Nevis. By late afternoon we finally arrived in Nevis and found that our journey was worth all the effort and hard work. However, our work was not done yet. Boat appreciation was still underway. The crew took the time to clean and shine the vessel, which took us on a trip of over 100 miles. As a reward, we cleaned up with showers (boat style) and went out for dinner onshore. The quaint island restaurant fed the hungry stomachs of the crew with delicious hamburgers and barbeque chicken sandwiches. It was just the meal we all needed to energize ourselves to continue the fun and sing karaoke. Who knew some crew members could hit such high notes. Karaoke was definitely the highlight of the night and a great way to celebrate our journey across the ocean.