Location: Middle of the Ocean

At last, the adventure has begun. After a slight delay in Road Town, we are finally heading out to sea. The BVI’s are now just a twinkle on the horizon behind us, while our next destination, Nevis, is still some 20 hours ahead. We have spent the last 10 days learning how to sail and SCUBA. We now understand what it takes to live on a boat, and we are starting to get to know Ocean Star. This passage will now help us get our sea legs under us, as the waves are starting to pick up and bit and the boat is moving around in response. It is nothing too bad, but I’m sure a few will feel a bit under the weather. Even so, I know that everybody will enjoy this passage, for there is nothing quite like the open ocean. The stars at night, the feeling you get when you can no longer see land, the sunset over the sea, the sunrise greeting a new day, dolphins playing off the bow. Life at sea is an experience that everybody should have. Now the crew of Ocean Star spring 2010 can start to understand what it is all about as we head towards the first of our stops during this voyage.