Location: Savanah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

After a quick breakfast of eggs and muffins, the crew of Ocean Star split in two. The first group began to suit up for their first-ever confined water dive, beginning their journey to become certified divers! The second group of veteran divers left for a day at the Savannah Bay beach, Pico-ing, and windsurfing. For many people, this was their first time windsurfing and sailing the Picos, but with persistence and determination, many shipmates made a lot of progress in between quite a few falls into the bay. The crew reunited over lunch, sharing tales of their morning dives and wind filled adventures. After lunch, the two groups swapped activities, with the certified diver’s group going for a refresher dive to brush up on skills, and the new divers going off to enjoy a cool afternoon on the beach as well as learning some important sailing knots. Us refresher divers quickly regained our familiarity with our equipment and procedures back and were able to enjoy the rejuvenating feeling of the Caribbean waters. As the evening drew closer, we began to wrap up our activities and reunite once more on Ocean Star for a delicious pasta and hotdog meal. Later tonight, we will all begin learning how to perform CPR and other important life-saving skills in our Emergency First Responder training. We are all looking forward to a good night’s rest after such a busy and exciting day, and looking forward to the adventures to come.