Location: Cooks Bay, Moorea

The morning dawned beautifully over the reefs as the crew of Argo began its 3rd day. The shipmates are adapting rapidly to life on board and routine is starting to form. After a breakfast of pancakes, the seven people taking Open Water class learned how to set up their dive gear for the first time. They then got to go for their first confined water dives. All the students performed all the skills perfectly and even got to see some of the amazing local wildlife. While the new divers were practicing their skills the four certified divers went on a check out dive with Chris, then got to explore along the crest of a local reef. Following diving and lunch all the students went to shore to explore for a few hours while some of the staff fought equipment issues while trying to wind surf. When everyone was back on board Argo we moved her further into the bay into a more protected location because the winds had picked up substantially throughout the day. The evening ended with a great dinner of chicken parmesan prepared by Oliver and Graham, then we had a Marine Biology class and the new dive students learned about dive tables. Tomorrow is going to be a day full of diving and will surely lead to great new stories.