Location: Cooks Bay, Moorea

We woke up to a hot oatmeal breakfast in Cooks Bay, Moorea. There was a lot of diving today both in the morning and afternoon. The people getting their Open Water certification did their last confined water dives and their first open water dive! Kiernan and Oliver started their Rescue Diver training, while Dane and I got to go on our first dive without an instructor, so we were forced to navigate underwater, while managing our time and air with no assistance. After lunch, we all went diving again, but we also hanked the flying jib and jib on, but we flanked them and secured them down, because we were not sailing today. We had a tasty shepherds pie, prepared by our chefs, Travis and Tyler. To end the night we had a Marine Biology class and the people getting their Open Water certification took quizzes 1,2, and 3. They will be certified divers soon!