Location: Civitavecchia, Italy

Today was the first full day shipmates had aboard Argo. Living on a boat with 30 other people, takes some adjusting too. So to ease people into the Sea|mester style of life we had an official tour of the boat. We covered academics, agreements and expectations. We also went over things in the galley, heads, living quarters, charthouse, salon, and deck. Shipmates also got an introduction to the job wheel, which is vital for shipboard life. What happens is that every day different people get to do different duties, this ranges from being a skipper of the day, to a chef, to a deckhand. Some got a taste for how to cook for 30 people, while others learned how we do dishes and clean up. The evening was spent getting an introduction to SCUBA. A long day, but a necessary day as it will help prepare us for the epic journey ahead of us. I hope everybody is as excited as I am about this Sea|mester. Your Skipper Casey Jones signing out..

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