Location: Colon, Panama

As the sun rose over day 33, we began our arrival to Colon, off the coast of mainland Panama. Allie began to die. She was feeling sick and was looking corpselike, so our watch let her catch some Zzz’s all day to recover. Anyways, the view we were greeted to as the sun came up was spectacular, with roughly 50 boats in view, all heading for the journey we are soon undertaking; the Panama Canal. The surroundings made a marked change from what we have been used to over the past few weeks. After a good brekky of Chia (which I still have no idea what it actually is) from Carla, we split off into groups, with half doing the Navmaster practice exam and the other half doing group work for our projects. After this, we had some time to relax and use some data on our phones for a while.

Meanwhile, our gnat bites from yesterday began to manifest, particularly on me, and an itch party began. I’ve counted over 100 bites on myself to give you the sort of idea of how badly some of us got ripped to shreds yesterday. After lunch, we got to the dock, impressed by the marina we got to and the amount of boats everywhere. Then we had a boat appreciation and made the boat look spick and span. The highlight of our day, though, is happening in about 20 minutes. As soon as I finish this, when we’re allowed to go into the marina and get a beer AND a warm shower, I assure you I will be doing both, probably simultaneously. I’ll fill you in after the fact, so see you in a couple of hours………

(Ted never returned to fill you in, but it was a lovely evening swimming in the pool, having a few beers, and hanging out before our transit through the canal!)