Location: Cooks Bay, Moorea

After breakfast the Open Water Divers took their final exam, and all passed with ease; we are now certified. The entire crew led by Boomer and Graham go through sailing drills and we raise the Main Sail, then bring it down and flake it on the boom. With a few hours before we leave for Huahine most of us swim off the starboard side and chill on deck enjoying our last day in Moorea with its beautiful peaks surrounding the three sides of Cook’s Bay. After a dinner of chicken pot pie, we have been motoring for an hour and set to raising one sail after another and after a lot of teamwork and effort are cruising about 7 knots. Expected time of arrival at the next island is sometime around dawn. We could get their faster by raising more sail, but Boom doesn’t want to rush, and would rather not have us anchoring in a bay at night. With 3 shifts of 3 hours per watch we take turns in teams sailing through the cloudless night.