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After a night spent four hours on and four hours off of watching the boat and doing hourly boat checks, the whole team was excited to see the sun come up and get some grub. Although these new hours have been hard to get used to, everyone has been helping each other out in getting accustomed to this new way of life. We were all very excited to get out on the water, but what was even more exciting was when we turned the engine off and were sailing using only the power of the wind around us. It’s amazing to look out and see the ocean and sun for miles; this beautiful day helped give us the extra energy we needed to get through. Not only that, but we got to see a majestic breaching humpback whale swimming beside us, which only fits with the dolphins that swam alongside us only the day before. We also had a major jam session while watching the sun slowly creep down the horizon, followed by the tastiest chicken I think we’ve ever had.

After dinner, we managed to surprise Dan with a tasty chocolate cake and card for his 21st birthday, HAPPY B-DAY DAN! To finish out, we all joined together for “the squeeze,” which is where we hold hands and share what we appreciated about the day and answer a question that changes night tonight. There was an overwhelming appreciation in the group for the beauty of the day and the positivity of the group. Now we’ll do a couple more watches, and soon we will be reaching our first destination, the British Virgin Islands!!