Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Ocean Star arrived at Virgin Gorda, BVI, at the bright and early time of 2:30 AM. The crew managed to stay awake long enough to drop the anchor and get the boat set up for the rest of the night. After our first passage, many tired crew went below for some much-needed shut-eye while select others stood by on anchor watch. At 7 AM, a few hours later, everyone else awoke to the beautiful sight that was Virgin Gorda, had a quick breakfast of cereal and milk, and then went about the day. The Captain went and checked us into customs and immigration and was immediately followed by a few others who went ashore to stock up on provisions. The rest of the crew stood by while that was getting done, and those who had not begun the dive-certification process were treated to the first few introductory lessons for their open water Certification.

Once everyone was back on board and provisions were stowed away, the crew hauled anchor and began the quick trip further down the island to a location known as The Baths. While there, the crew got to spend a few hours ashore and enjoy the warm and beautiful Caribbean water for the first time. Several of us explored the location, navigating surprisingly complex passages through rocks and boulders and others did some cliff jumping! It was a much-needed time of rest for the weary crew.

To finish up the day, we hauled up the anchor one last time and moved to a spot at Mountain Point, where we will be staying for a few days.