Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

The best part of Seamester is that you wake up every morning knowing you have a full day of adventures ahead of you and go to bed at the end of the day, completely exhausted, thinking the things you did that morning must have happened on a different day because your day was so jam-packed.

After some R&R at The Baths yesterday, we were ready to return to a “normal” day on Ocean Star. The day began for most of us waking up to the sounds and smelled of Margaret W and Kyle whipping up a breakfast of scrambled 4 DOZEN eggs, sauted onions and peppers, and Canadian bacon in the galley. Shortly after breakfast and clean-up, as I am sure all the parents will be happy to hear, we had our first class. At 9 am sharp, all 11 of us were sat in the salon, notebook, and pencils in hand, listening to Tina talk about our Leadership class and giving us our first assignment. While I am not entirely sure where we are all going to find time to write a three-page paper between the scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, cooking, watches, outdoor showers, and general socializing, we will all have to make some time.

This brings me to the second ‘first’ of the day (for most of us), SCUBA DIVING! The certified divers took off early and did a refresher dive with Steve under the boat, and after that, Margaret W went with Steve to work towards her Divemaster. The other 8 of us went with Tina and Alex to the shallows to do our first confined water dive of the trip. Some of us took to being underwater easily, while others of us did not find it as easy. Whether that be because of lopsided weight belts or attempts to get in the dingy after the dive, and a couple of us saw our first lionfish.

Once back on the boat, we students jumped right back into the water for our sea/freshwater shower of the day. All of us except Kyle. He headed straight back down to the galley to make dinner, as the dedicated chef he is, delaying his shower until later. He is the reason the crew is able to enjoy a yummy dinner tonight. Now it’s off to bed. Wish all of us on anchor watch an uneventful and non-rainy watch!