Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Holy moley, what a day we had in store for us. To start, we had a fire drill and went over a lot of safety plans and protocol, which is what the hose picture is from. Next, we studied PADI material while the three certified diver students explored the Kodiak Queen wreck nearby. After our PADI studying, the Open Water students went for our dive to complete our confined water dive skills. This included emergency no-stop ascending as well as removing our BCDs and putting them back on underwater. The water had bad visibility at first from sand being kicked up, but that subsided soon enough. Once we returned from our dive, dinner was made while the rest of us had some free time to study, write our paper, or relax. Hold on, wait a minute, The food. Real good. The food today and during the trip has been fantastic. We use the Joy of Cooking book resulting in some fabulous meals. Now we have our first marine biology class with Steve.