Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Today was a pretty great day to be here in the BVI. The sun was shining on us all day while the open water divers finished up a few more skills and went on their first
two real dives. While most of us just saw fish and corals, Tina’s group was extremely lucky to be approached by a hawksbill turtle on the first dive of the day! For lunch, Dan and Miranda made quite possibly the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the entire world. They were the perfect balance between crispy and cheesy. After the second dive, we all realized how fun showers could be when you’re jumping in the ocean with friends. When we all dried off, we took a nice long break from all of the fun and excitement to study, nap and journal. Many of us ended up sleeping on deck after finishing drafts of our leadership autobiographies. We are all very much looking forward to our first oceanography lesson tonight with Alex and our sail in the morning to Peter Island.