Location: Great Harbour Peter, BVI

It’s Day 9 on our voyage, and everyone is settling in nicely. We started today with breakfast burritos and then got underway to Peter Island. The crew has gotten a lot better at getting the ship underway. On our way to Peter Island, we had our first Seamanship class, in which we went over the lines and sails of our ship and what they all do. We also learned about how to sail relative to wind direction. Once we arrived at Peter Island, the Open Water divers started gearing up for our 3rd dive.

In contrast, the certified divers went to the beach for some R&R. The open water divers went through training on how to use a compass underwater and how to do a CESA (controlled emergency swimming ascent). For dinner, we had chicken and rice with peanut sauce, and boy, was it good! Also, Skye and Tessa made brownies for dessert so we could all celebrate Valentine’s day together. Lastly, the open water divers had a class on how to plan a dive using RDP tables.

That about does it for Day 9 of our voyage. Tomorrow, we make a momentary stop at Salt Island, where the open water divers will encounter their first wreck.