Location: Great Harbour Peter, BVI

Today was a fine day to be a member of the Ocean Star crew. We started the day off on our mooring with a breakfast of apple tart and cereal. The tart was delicious and was by far my favorite breakfast I’ve had aboard. After our filling meal, we prepared our vessel for the voyage over to Salt Island. This entailed the usual processes such as securing scuba tanks, checking the salon for objects that may fall while underway, and securing our two dinghies. They are named Exy and Irv. After readying our vessel, the passage to Salt Island took about half an hour.

Near Salt Island, there is a shipwreck, the RMS Rhone. We were thrilled once told about our dive plans for the day. As most of us are new to diving, it was the very first time most of us explored a shipwreck! The dive was incredible. I don’t know any other way to put it. The wreck was teeming with life. Every crevice was full of corals and fish. Swimming and exploring certain parts of the ship, the walls and ceiling were blocked by schools of fish. The amount of life in the wreck was amazing the number of fish that we had the privilege of seeing exponentially outnumbered those of our previous dives. Outside of the wreck, we even saw two sharks and some barracuda!

After the dive, we returned to GHP. We had curry on our way. For dinner, we had pork and mashed potatoes. This unforgettable dive will stay with me and my fellow shipmates for the rest of our lives. We are thrilled thinking that we’ll be able to have more dives like that in the future.