Location: West End, British Virgin Islands

Today was as ever a great day aboard ocean star. The shipmates were treated to a wonderfully calming wake-up, followed by an amazing breakfast of cereal. It was meant to be pancakes, but it’s okay. We all make mistakes. Did the chef not wake up? Were the pancakes all burnt to a crisp……I will leave it for you dedicated readers to discuss amongst yourselves. After a nice easy clean up the shipmates were treated to a wonderfully insightful, some might say, life-changing experience that was a marine biology lecture by myself (maybe a bit biased with the description) where we talked about all things ecology. After the lecture, the shipmates headed to shore for some fun eating times at the cafe before venturing off and exploring the rebuilding of West End since the hurricane. It’s amazing how quickly it’s rebuilding and progressing.

After lunch Alex, possibly the greatest oceanographer of our modern times, escorted them to a nearby minimart so they could obtain some snacks for the coming days before heading back to the boat and teaching them about the physical rawness that is the ocean. After their lecture, they embarked on the final journey to Open Water greatness by completing their PADI Open Water exam and thus conquering the domain of Poseidon himself. This was followed by some late shower time action, all before being treated to dinner, which of course, as on par with previous days, was pretty good.

Well, that’s the day, in a nutshell, I will leave you with some thoughts if a chronic liar tells you they’re a chronic liar, do you believe them? If olive oil comes from olives, where does baby oil come from? If the energizer bunny attacks someone, is it charged with battery? And finally, what happens if you get scared half to death twice?

Enjoy until next time.