Location: Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands

Today was a getup and get going kind of day. As soon as I had woken everyone up, I turned the main engine on, and those on deck began to weigh anchor. Bowls of hot oatmeal were enjoyed as we lazily made our way to Sandy Spit, where we would spend the day. Kylie expertly helmed us out of West End, and Skye carefully positioned us for the perfect anchor drop in the corner between Little Jost, Green Cay, and Sandy Spit.

The sight of the oft-dreamed-of Caribbean teal water and the sliver of pearly white beach that is Sandy Spit visibly raised everyone’s energy level. Dishes were hurriedly cleaned, and the dingy quickly lowered in the excitement to land ashore for some beach play and relaxation. Everyone came back aglow and chattering away. The light lunch or make your sandwiches with salami, deli meats, three different kinds of hummus, tomatoes, spinach, goat cheese, pepper jack, bell peppers, salsa, and corn chips was a great match for the heat of today.

Having had more than our fair share of sun, the deckies used clean-up time as an opportunity to put up our tarps. The shade was most welcome as dive groups spread out on deck to set up their kit. The Playgrounds, a favorite dive of many of the staff, did not fail to impress as Kyle, Jules, and Mari reported seeing sharks on their dive, and Matt was as thrilled as always to see a juvenile shark on his dive with Daniel and Skye. I also heard rumors of a lobster. Margaret and Steve saw a sea fan.

Jump in showers complete; the students are working on homework as Steve tantalizes us all with the smell of his infamous Sunday Roast.

Tonight after dinner, I will be teaching about different kinds of boats, boat bottom types, planning versus displacement hulls, keel types, rigging, and various other parts of the boat not everyone has quite learned the name of yet.

That’s all for now,

P.S Happy Birthday, Mon Lenou. Steve keeps telling me that it’s at 30 that you get your old man strength.