Location: West End, BVI

With the promise of on-shore time before our dreaded 30-hour passage to Nevis, it was all hands on deck this morning to get ready. We raised anchor with the precision of a group of college students who have been on a ship for two weeks (we still need a little help) and motored out of Sandy Spit back to West End. At the helm, I learned of the intricacies of water traffic while others enjoyed a simple yogurt and granola breakfast. And in a truly incredible feat of engineering skill, Steve attached and raised the jib singlehandedly.

Once our chores were done, we were set free and immediately gathered together at Omar’s, the only restaurant in West End still standing since the hurricane. Feasting on burgers, roti, and mango dessert, we all took advantage of the wifi and caught up with parents and friends.

Kylie, Skye, and Jules walked the two-mile death march to the store and asked for their whole supply of Dramamine while Mari, Dan, Tessa, Claire, Miranda, Kyle, and I stayed at the cafe to drink iced coffee and enjoy the slightly overcast day. It feels wrong to complain about how beautifully blue and sunny it is all the time, but the sunburn on me is thankful for some shade. A relaxing day overall before the exhaustive four hours on, four hours off pattern of passage watch.

The whole time we enjoyed the shore. The staff was doing whatever it was they did when we were off the boat, which probably broke out all the good snacks and celebrated the peace. We were then ferried back to the boat for another lesson by oceanography extraordinaire Alex. Halfway through, the classroom began to rock back and forth, and before we knew it, we were on the passage to Nevis.

Let’s hope we all survive with minimal seasickness! Fingers crossed, everyone.

Wish us luck,
Margaret W.

P.S. I love you, Mom and Dad!