Location: Nevis

Well we started off our passage to Nevis with lasagna as our dinner. Three of the four pans survived, the fourth was tossed from the oven into the salon making the clean up an interesting one as we headed through the waves. Although it was very good, half of our crew (myself included) soon discovered it was not as tasty on the way up. Seasickness was brought sometime around sunset, and for some continued on to the morning. On our way to Nevis we passed Saba, St. Eustatius, and St. Christopher as well as 4 squalls! With the waves up to 8ft high, and the wind strong, the last squall lasted the longest. A few waves poured over the bow and onto the deck, making it an exciting adventure (don’t worry moms and dads we were all clipped in the entire time on deck)! Because the waves and wind were coming from the direction we were heading, we tweaked our course a bit and set back our E.T.A from 5:00pm to 9:00pm, all the more time to get acquainted with the sea! All in all our first passage was a successful one, and we all arrived in Nevis safely.