Location: Nevis

Hi good folk! This is Melissa typing to you on this lovely night. I like to start everything off with a good haiku, so here’s a quick one for today:

Calm and soft morning, appreciation, hike, mud. This is life for me.

That pretty much sums up our day. We woke up after a good nights sleep in gentle waves and gentle wind and went straight into boat appreciation. Since Ocean Star (the most beautiful boat I’ve ever seen) carried us safely in our passage yesterday, we deep cleaned the entire boat as a form of thanks. She is now shiny as if she were new. In the afternoon we hiked 2500ft. up “The Source”, which is this amazing mountain in Nevis, and had some muddy adventures. We saw some adorable monkeys, tried to catch some tiny lizards, and at least one of us got chased by a pack of dogs. We just got back from an evening ashore in Nevis at Double Deuce. Composed of an interesting wet landing and exploring a local beach bonfire the night ended up being fun and relaxing. I’m about to go and enjoy some glorious sleep in anticipation for what tomorrow brings but I’ll leave you with a question that’s been on my mind for as long as I can remember: Pirates or Ninjas? With all the love this beautiful world can hold, Melissa.