Location: Statia

What is good, y’all once again, it is your boy all the way from Boston, the Garfather. Unfortunately, this will be my final blog aboard O Star but don’t be afraid. We’re going out with a bang. To begin our day Nate, Joe, Ridge, Kennedy Miranda, Amy, Jon, and I all departed to hike on Ile Fourche at 05:00. We woke up to some nice old Kanye, specifically my favorite song by him, Runaway featuring Pusha T. Ridge, and I decided to separate from the group to go climb up a rock face to get to the highest point on the island. After a rigorous 30 mins of free climbing up this really steep rock face, we were delighted to see that the sunrise was just starting to appear. I can very confidently tell you that this was the most beautiful sunrise most of us have ever seen, not only on this trip but in our lives. We then started back down the steep rock wall after hearing Jon yell from across the island that it was time to go back to the boat for breakfast.

After some nice food made by Kennedy, I had to forfeit my job as skipper to Eli, the elected skipper for the day for our first student-led passage. Steff, Jill, and I were elected as representatives under Eli and were assigned as Navigation, Engineer, and Bosun. We started our journey to Statia around 0900, about an hour after we planned on departing, so we were all worried that we were going to be late arriving at Statia. We had smooth sailing until we were about an hour out and realized that we had a dilemma at hand: either navigate through the oil tankers that were about a mile off the coast or go around them completely and take more time. As Skipper, Eli chooses to go through them after we had warned him about the floating gas lines they could have in the water that we read about the night before. Thankfully under Matthew’s navigations skills and the rest of the crew’s help, we were able to navigate through the “minefield” of fuel lines. We had just pulled into where we were going to anchor right on time at 0330, and Carolyn was very excited that we didn’t have to navigate at night through waters we hadn’t seen before. After dropping anchor, Eli and Jill decided to go snorkel the anchor to make sure we were secure before shutting the engine off. Thankfully we nice and dug in, and now it was time for the rest of us to go have fun and snorkel in some new waters. After hopping in the water with Ridge and Kaiden, we swam around but didn’t see anything until we saw two sea turtles swimming near the boat anchor. Before yesterday, none of us had swum with them, and we were so amazed at how gracefully they glided through the clear Caribbean waters. Only two weeks left to go, so we’re all pretty bummed out about going home. Gotta make the most out of these two weeks. All righty y’all, this is your boy for the last time on the Ocean Star blog. I love you all, have a great life.

Signing out,

PS I almost caught a fish today, but it spooled the reel. Currently, I still have not caught a fish in 66 days. I need to catch one soon!

Pictured: View from the top of Ile Fourche; student-led passage to Statia.