Location: Ile Fourchue

We started the day off with normal wake-ups at 7:00. This was the last morning we would be able to go onshore and go to a cafe because right after breakfast, we got ready to go underway to Ile Fourche. We had lunch underway and arrived very quickly. When we got there, many of us went swimming and were quickly greeted by green sea turtles. There were turtles everywhere! The rescue divers got to practice their skills and work on scenarios. Josh was practicing to be a divemaster for a discover scuba diving course when Jon and Amanda pretended they did not know how to dive. After a while of swimming, skill work, and free diving, we had time to relax and study. The water was so blue and clear that it felt good to get back to ocean showers. Before dinner, we voted on a skipper for our student-led passage tomorrow. For dinner, our head chef Amy made chicken, potatoes, and vegetables. After dinner, we celebrated Miranda and Amanda’s birthday with cheesecake and fruit. Afterward, we found out our skipper for the passage is Eli, with Matt, Steff, and Jillybean helping out with other head jobs! Now we’re getting ready to go on a sunrise hike in the morning.

Pictured: 1: Rescue divers 2: Amanda’s before birthday picture 3: Amanda’s after birthday picture 4: Miranda’s birthday pic 5: Matt, Eli, Mathew and Josh while underway 6: Joseph helming 7: Steff rescuing Jillybean 8: Josh chillin