Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

Today began early and a bit disorganized. But after breakfast and clean-up, we quickly got our act together and prepared for the day. Half the crew got ready to go diving with Cabrits Dive Center and the other to take a tour of Indian River guided by Cobra, an informative local tour guide. The river tour was beautiful look at some of Dominicas amazing natural splendors. Highlights included chatting with Cobra, seeing an area where part of The Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was filmed, a nest of baby herons, and enjoying the shade of a beautiful lush forest after a long time on the water. At lunch everyone re-assembled on Argo for delicious green fried tomatoes and grilled chicken wraps. After lunch and clean-up the two groups switched. Diving was incredible, as one would expect in Dominica. Each group did two dives: a deep dive to 95 feet and a drift dive, both along large and gorgeous reefs. Most of the crew are now well on their way to becoming Advanced Open-Water divers! Dinner was in the salon thanks to inclement weather, but it was also scrumptious. The day ends with a Basic Seamanship class and a leadership presentation on the wonders of mathematics. A full day here in Dominica, but only the beginning of our adventures on this incredible island!