Location: Underway to Ko Samui

I came to the realization today during 2-6 bow watch that in three days, we’ll have two weeks left here on Argo. Only two weeks and here I thought just a month ago that this trip would last forever. We are already beginning to mark things as lasts. This is our last multiple-day passage. Today is my last day as skipper of the day. This may very well be our last open ocean sunset. Since month three of the trip has begun, time seems to have been moving faster. Opinions and emotions are mixed here aboard Argo. Most of us can’t even bear to think of leaving.

Meanwhile, Kris has taken to teasing us about how soon we’ll be home. He’s only joking that he’ll be glad to be rid of us, but it does bring to light the sad reality that we’ll soon be leaving our floating world. I think, and I’d hazard a guess that most of my shipmates agree that we are nowhere near ready to leave. I still learn new things every day; each sequential piece of the ocean seems more beautiful than the last.

Still, we sail on. Today was just like any other day on passage: sail handling, fish trap spotting, classes, and deck showers. We’ve become so good at this routine that even on this, our first full day of passage, there is no stumbling – except perhaps during our MTE class. We’re still learning charts and navigation skills, which are both easier than they seem in some ways and harder than others. We’re all studying hard for our upcoming exams, not only the formidable navigation test but also our final exams in science. Hopefully, this next week of hard work will result in all of us passing with flying colors! We continue to look forward to the still grand adventure ahead of us. We aren’t done yet. We’ve still got dives and hikes ahead of us, as well as islands and waters to explore. We’ll see you all in Ko Samui tomorrow.
Sending you beautiful clear skies and calm blue waters,
And as always, all my love to Caroline. Argo misses you so. We know you’re doing well, and hopefully, you’ve gotten your land legs back!