Location: Underway to Ko Samui

This morning the crew of Argo woke up to the familiar sounds of the call to prayer of a nearby mosque. It is our last day in Malaysia, and after some breakfast burritos, our captain went off to clear Argo and her crew out of a country for the final time this semester while we topped the booms, ran the jack lines, and prepared for the journey back to Thailand. In a few days, we will be in Ko Samui and look forward to exploring the many islands nearby in the Gulf of Thailand. After getting underway, the shipmates had fresh pizza for lunch. They then headed down below for MTE class, where they practiced chart work and navigation skills for their upcoming exam, followed by Oceanography. As we approach Ko Samui, the entire crew begins to feel as if our program is coming full circle, and there is a sense of accomplishment that is spreading as we think of all the places we have traveled and the miles we have sailed aboard this boat together. Tomorrow is another full day at sea – we cherish the few we have left!