Location: Terengganu, Malaysia

Today in Terengganu we visited a couple small shipyards near the Marina. The shipyards we went to were building wooden fishing boats just like the ones we have been seeing and maneuvering around during our time in Southeast Asia. We learned a lot about how the boats are built and put together and what materials are used. Forrest, who is a wealth of knowledge on wooden boat building, is often found in the saloon with his Nook reading the latest edition of Wooden Boat magazine. He talked about how each piece of lumber is cut and then heated or soaked so that it can be formed into the correct shape to form the curved hull of the boat. After the educational experience we headed back to the boat under the blisteringly hot sun desperate for some refreshing H2O, shade and some lunch. After lunch we are heading out into the Marina for a free afternoon. Some of us took a very chlorinated dip in the pool and then relaxed at the cafe. A free afternoon while free did not keep us from getting work done. Free time very much so includes getting online and doing some research or finishing some homework (or boat work, if you will) for classes. We are looking forward to tomorrow and heading off back to Thailand for even more exciting adventures and with hopes to soak in the greatness of our last few weeks on Argo.

Peace, Love, and Fair Winds,