Location: Terengganu, Malaysia

We’ve arrived in Terengganu after a short day-long passage from Tioman. We spent the morning dodging fishing traps, but just around lunch, we sailed into the marina. After lunch, we jumped straight into boat appreciation, which entailed a full deck scrub, and some rust-busting. Once we had Argo looking nice and pretty, we escaped to the air-conditioned saloon for a marine biology class about marine mammals. Later tonight, we will have an MTE class and further our navigational skills. Then we have shore time to roam around the marina and take showers. Today marks our 70th day here, so it is no surprise at how familiar life has become on board. The simple quirks of this lifestyle hardly register as unusual anymore. Jumping into the ocean for showers, and ending our day circled around the cockpit for squeeze are rituals we’ve come to love. I know the next 20 days will be full of excitement and new things to see and do, but it is the smaller pieces of life on Argo that continue to charm us all.